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Liquid & Dry Shipping Containers: Rent, Buy, Track & Manage

Use CHEP liquid containers to safely transport food, beverage, cosmetic liquids and more.

From dry foods to general manufacturing, CHEP has a reputation for providing the most reliable and comprehensive container rental solutions.

CHEP-TRAC offers total visibility as you transport goods throughout your supply chain.

One Stop for  Dry & Liquid Shipping Solutions

From renting & buying to tracking & repair, CHEP Pallecon Solutions is North America’s leading supplier of comprehensive bulk shipping container solutions:



Why Dry & Liquid Bulk Shipping Containers

With a diverse offering of reusable packaging and pooling solutions, CHEP has a proven track record of helping some of the biggest, most progressive companies in North America:



Want to learn more? Request more information to learn about the advantages of our comprehensive shipping container solutions.


Rent, Buy & Track Shipping Containers…
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